Preparing learners for university success from grade 8 to first-year university

Six Month Subscription to Advantage Learn

What Is Advantage Learn?

Advantage Learn is an online math platform which contains the full NSC/IEB syllabus from Grade 8 to Grade 12 including Advanced Programme Mathematics.


Getting help to improve your results or excel has never been as easy and as affordable. Let Advantage Learn help you succeed.

Learn From The Best

Providing you with expert teaching through our virtual teaching videos that makes tricky concepts easy for you to navigate and succeed at.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

  • Access to first-class educators - Good teachers aren’t always accessible. Take learning into your own hands by choosing to work with our educators.

  • Professional teaching & support Experience education which is delivered to learners in a mature manner, enabling them to grow and take responsibility and pride in their learning.

  • Innovative learning solution - Focusing on where you learn is as important as who you are learning from and what you are learning. Our solution is constantly improved with innovative technology to improve where you learn.

  • Purpose-driven education - Every lesson has a learning goal and a reason behind it. We are preparing learners for the future and do not teach them anything unless it has a purpose for them.

Follow Your Progress And Ask For Help

Keep track of your progress or see how someone else is doing. Make sure you hit your learning goals.

If you get stuck or need further help we have a team of Maths teachers ready to answer any questions you might have.

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