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About our Partner

Exam season doesn’t have to be a time of pressure and stress anymore. Yes, you read correctly! Preparation is key when a learner’s aim is to study so they can improve their grades, and importantly this allows them to start building a strong foundation of knowledge before taking the big leap to university or college. Good quality educational content is king, and Advantage Learn falls nowhere short of producing the best studio-developed videos. Each subject has a termly programme that allows your child to take control of their own pace of learning – empowering them to be responsible with their studies, which will come in handy during campus crunch time. Oh, and did we mention the fantastic support from the teachers and mentors? They’ll be there at every step to help your child achieve their goals by helping them understand the fundamentals of early preparation and making smart choices for success!

Subjects Covered

  • Maths 

  • Science 

  • Afrikaans



IEB Alligned

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R300 – R2870

Age Group

Grade 8 to Grade 12

Why we’re High Fiving Advantage Learn

For their awesome exam preparation workshops! These include past papers, matric rewriting programmes (for that second chance) and the National Benchmark Test (NBT) for applying to universities, bursaries, or jobs! Everything your high schooler needs to score that A+ is just a click away. It’s world-class online support, with a vast library of digital learning content that brings peace of mind and encourages more confidence and less anxiety in our young ones of today. 

Bonus Kudos

If your child has always been the brainier of the bunch, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a programme for advanced subjects which set to improve their self-discipline and critical thinking skills. These subjects are the ideal way for learners to give themselves a competitive edge in their chosen degree programmes.

Advantage Learn


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