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About our Partner

CodeMonkey teaches children as young as 7 to use real programming languages to solve puzzles and build apps and games. Based on founder Jonathan Schor’s successful experiences with teaching young children to code through fun and engaging activities, it was a no-brainer to start the online platform in 2014 to share it with millions of children around the world (now that’s power!) The award-winning coding courses are fun, educational and structured to help your child navigate through the ever-changing world of programming with ease and confidence. The platform is founded on the strong belief that outdated ways of learning should be challenged, and innovative learning resources can pave the way for a bright future for children everywhere– and we couldn’t agree more!

Topics Covered

  • Objects

  • Function calls

  • Loops

  • Arrays

  • Arguments

  • Variables

  • Keyboard and mouse events



CAPS, NSC & IEB Aligned

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R85 - R288 per month 

Age Group

7 years+

Why we’re High Fiving CodeMonkey

Being code literate is considered essential not only for future software engineers but for many other occupations too. CodeMonkey introduces children to the basics of computer science in an engaging and gamified way so they can develop the necessary skills of coding. There’s a focus on teaching CoffeeScript (sounds delicious, right?) as the introductory programme language before moving on to the more well-known JavaScript, a valuable language to know for any industry. Who knew that catching bananas and saving the world on a computer game could also help sharpen your child’s algorithmic thinking and problem solving skills? No prior knowledge or experience is needed to get started and the courses are designed so they are ready to go. Even better, you’ll get a teacher’s kit that’ll empower you to help your child learn the basics of computer science. The CodeMonkey support team is also available on standby for any of your queries. So what are you waiting for?

Bonus Kudos

You can start the learning journey on CodeMonkey by trying the free hour-long coding course that introduces your child to the basics of computer science in a fun and easy way. No credit card details are required, which takes off any buyer’s pressure, thank goodness. 



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