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We keep talking about the future as if it isn’t already knocking on the doorstep - along with new technologies and a completely different way of living. codeSpark Academy prepares and shapes little minds to start understanding the wonderful world of coding. If you’re looking for a platform that’s engaging and easy to navigate and uses the “teach through play” method look no further – the intuitive, word-free interface teaches children the language of code way before they even know how to read (now that’s nifty!). From sequencing and loops to Boolean logic and sorting, it’s all about starting from the basics, and codeSpark has cracked the code for smarter and computer-lingual children, who may even grow up to be the next great tech giants!

Subects Covered

  • Coding



CAPS, NSC & IEB aligned

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R1 200 for 12 months 

Age Group

5 to 9 years old

Why we’re High Fiving codeSpark Academy

Who needs bilingual when you can be computer-lingual? codeSpark makes coding cool, teaching critical skills accessible for children everywhere. With an adventurous game selection method and sharp shooting challenges, kids will experience code education and instruction as “fun”. While they think they’re just ‘playing’, they’ll be developing valuable skills that’ll pretty much set them up for life. Any child with an eager mind can start learning on this platform, and what’s even more inspiring is that it’s been carefully designed to increase engagement in young girls, closing the gender gap in STEM (yes to equality!)

Bonus Kudos

We’re giving codeSpark Academy an extra thumbs up for having won numerous awards from some of the most prestigious groups in education, technology, and games. This includes a prize from The LEGO Foundation and the editor’s choice award from the Children’s Technology Review. 

codeSpark Academy


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