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Excel Academy is recognized as the global authority on improving productivity and success in the workplace through Excel.

80% off all courses 

Helping people to become more productive and successful through fun and interactive online excel workshops

What Is Excel Academy?

Excel Academy has established a reputation as a global leader in improving productivity and success in the workplace through Excel.

Dan Stillerman founded Excel Academy in 2014. This came after 4 years of working as an Actuary, and pushing Excel to the limits. To date, the team has impacted over 15,000 people.

Courses Offered

Excel 101

Fundamentals of excel

Excel 202

Advanced data analyses

Excel 303

Macros and VBA

Some Topics Covered

  • Shortcuts 

  • Formatting 

  • Pivots 

  • Charts 

  • Formulas

  • Sort and filter

  • Manipulate and assess data 


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