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About our Partner

Exclusive Books is South Africa’s oldest and best-loved book franchise. This book brand has landmarked its name in the homes and lives of book-loving South Africans since 1951. Born on the sidesteps of King George’s Street in Johannesburg, Exclusive Books carries a rich history of homegrown culture and South African heritage. Founded by a South African family with an unyielding love for literature and learning, Exclusive books caters to all reading tastes  – if you are looking for contemporary South African reads or globally recognised works of fiction, memoire, informative, self-help and non-fiction - this bookstore stocks it. With 42 physical stores around the country, and a booming online store always stocked with the latest and greatest, it’s no wonder this book franchise still attracts the keenest bookworms to its shelves. 

Why we’re High Fiving Exclusive Books

Oh, because we love books! All kinds of books. Reading is learning and learning is what we’re all about at We Grow SA. Not only is Exclusive Books a hallmark of literature access, it’s a franchise that stands for self-development – keeping your brain healthy, reducing stress, developing your imagination, and improving your vocabulary. Their online platform is easy to adopt and takes you on a journey of all things whimsy and necessary. You can now easily flex those brain muscles and get reading by using your We Grow SA voucher to go on an adventure with 'Harry Potter' or ignite your entrepreneurial passion with books like 'That Will Never Work' or travel back in time and learn about humans on earth in 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind'. So much so much. Whichever one you pick, you’ll learn, you’ll grow and your imagination will soar!

Bonus Kudos

We love that Exclusive Books has a large kids, tweens and teens book division that embraces our young minds and meets them wherever they are at in their development journey.

Exclusive Books


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