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What Is Exclusive Books?

Exclusive Books is a shared cultural space, a place to be still and think, converse and engage or exchange and collaborate.

Exclusive Books has a rich history - a colourful past of peaceful protest, fascinating stories and a family of staff, all boasting eclectic and wide-ranging knowledge. From our first store on King George Street in Yeoville, Johannesburg (opened in 1951), we have since expanded to 42 stores, online at and even an Instagram shop. Iconic promotions like Homebru and our Children’s Festival have become national cultural happenings, and our loyalty programme Fanatics is world-renowned. Innovative collaborations and solutions to getting books into the hands of readers, no matter what, have seen us hit front page news.

Now firmly in the 21st century, Exclusive Books remains a quirky local bookstore staffed by the keenest of readers and still crazy about books after all these years.

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