Frequently Asked Questions


What is We Grow SA?

We Grow SA is a platform which partners with the top online education content providers to bring you the best discounts and free subscriptions to those platforms.

How do I qualify for the discounts available on the We Grow SA platform?

You automatically qualify for your e-learning discounts when you purchase a We Grow SA bundle deal from your banking, telecom or electronics service provider.

Where do I get a We Grow SA voucher from?

1. A We Grow SA voucher can be purchased through any HP Store in South Africa when purchasing an HP laptop, or through the HP Shop Online https://www.hpshop.co.za/en/hp-laptops. 2. We Grow SA vouchers are available through Vodacom and Cell C when taking out a device contract. Simply ask about the We Grow SA voucher when taking out your next contract. https://www.wegrowsouthafrica.co.za/learn-about-us

How do I redeem my discount voucher/s?

Log onto www.wegrowsouthafrica.co.za and click on the Redeem Voucher tab. Enter your We Grow SA ID and choose which partners you’d like to study through. You will receive a voucher code for every education partner you pick and a link to the education partner platform to register, enrol in a course/ subscription and apply your discount code.

What is a unique We Grow SA ID?

Think of it like a pin number. You need this to log onto your We Grow SA profile – where you can access all We Grow SA e-learning courses and discounts for up to 36 months. Keep it safe.

Where do I find my unique We Grow SA ID?

Find your unique We Grow SA ID within your We Grow SA brochure, inside your delivery package or on your electronic brochure.

What is a voucher code?

Every online education partner will give you a single voucher code. Your voucher code gets you into your selected course at a discounted rate. Apply your voucher code on the platform and course of choice to receive your discount.

Can I repeat a ‘used’ course with my voucher Code?

No. Your code can only be redeemed once against a single online course.

How many partners does We Grow SA have?

We Grow SA currently has 38 education partners. We continue to add partners all the time to make sure that we have something for everyone, so be sure to visit our website regularly for new partners and deals.

Is this platform for a certain age group?

We Grow SA has something for everyone. Our platforms cater for children as young as 3 years old and our tertiary institutions are for a person of any age just looking to improve on their skill set or even earn a diploma or certificate in something new.

I did not receive an email with all my voucher codes that I redeemed.

1. First check your spam or junk mail before contacting us. 2. If it is not in either your junk or spam mail then, email us at hello@wegrowsouthafrica.co.za or call us on 011 236 7830. In most instances there was an error in the email address provided. We will email you your new voucher codes and correct the email address originally provided on our system.

When I input my unique registration code during the registration process it says its invalid. What must I do?

Email us at hello@wegrowsouthafrica.co.za or call us on 011 236 7830. We will assist you or provide you with a new registration code.

How do I redeem my vouchers?

1. Go to www.wegrowsouthafrica.co.za 2. Click on the ‘Redeem Your voucher’ menu option. 3. Follow the step by step guide

I used my registration code to register on the education platform of my choice and it says the code is invalid

1. There are 2 codes throughout the process - a unique We Grow SA ID and a voucher code. 2. The We Grow SA ID is the code you see in your brochure. This is the code that you enter to register on the We Grow SA platform. It tells us you are a valid customer who received the voucher through the Digital Planet channel. This provides you with entry to shop and redeem your vouchers. 3. The voucher codes are the codes which we provide you once you are registered on our platform and you have selected the education partners you wish to redeem a voucher for. These are the voucher codes which you apply in the registration process on the partners website to receive your discount. You cannot use your registration code on an education partners platform.

I want to study agricultural science. Please assist.

We have a variety of tertiary institutions of available to you on our platform. Each of our partners has a page on our platform with a link to their website. If you are interested in studying a specific course, please look at each of our partners courses offered to see if they offer a course in what you are looking to study. Alternatively, you can call the education platforms call centre and they will assist you in finding a course that interests you. Once you have found the course, redeem your voucher, register and apply your voucher code to receive your discount.

I want to use the voucher to pay my university or school fees.

Your We Grow SA voucher is not a discount to put towards your tuition fees at university or school. This voucher entitles you to discounts or free periods to any of our various education partners online platforms.

Can I share my voucher with my friends and family?

You most definitely can. Infact we encourage you to share this voucher with those who need it, which is why we have enabled you to redeem a voucher for every single partner on our platform (limited to one voucher per partner). If you have a child or a niece or nephew who needs help at school and you want to study further through one of our tertiary institutions, you can select to redeem vouchers from our children’s platforms and our tertiary platforms. Simply provide your family and friends with the voucher codes you redeemed, and they can apply those voucher codes when they register on the partner platforms.

What is code-sharing?

Code-sharing is our way of saying, ‘pass on the joy’. You can share your unused campus codes as a gift with any one you like. Remember, voucher codes can only be gifted against unused courses.

What do I do once I have redeemed a voucher code for the partner/s of my choice?

1. You will receive an email with all your voucher codes and the links to the relevant partners platform. 2. Follow the normal registration process of the platform and once you get to payment you will be asked for your coupon/voucher code. Apply the voucher code to receive your discount and start learning.

Will my voucher code expire?

Yes, once you have used it to purchase a course through the selected partner.

Do all children’s platforms offer a free subscription?

Yes, we have ensured that all our children’s platforms offer a free subscription.

Can I buy another voucher?

You can purchase another We Grow SA voucher through the Digital Planet channel. Take a look at our Partner page for more information.

Does We Grow SA have any partners through which I can earn a National Diploma or National Certificate?

1. Yes, several of our tertiary institutions offer such courses. Once you have selected a course that you wish to pursue the course guideline will specify whether the course is a National Diploma, a National Certificate course or an online short course where you may receive a certificate of completion. 2. In some instances, online short courses do not offer a certificate of completion, however you have just mastered a new skill or new subject and therefore it is always recommended that you add the course or the new skill to your CV.

Why does We Grow SA ask me for personal details?

We want to build a relationship with you. Your contact details help us provide online or telephonic support for any trouble shooting you experience, and you’ll have the option to receive current news, updates or special deals from us.

Who do I call if I have trouble activating my unique We Grow SA ID?

Please email hello@wegrowsouthafrica.co.za or contact our 24/7 call centre 011 236 7830

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