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FutureProof educates young people from the age of 5 to be entrepreneurially active


Three Month Subscription to FutureProof SA

FutureProof SA catalyzes entrepreneurial thinking and action in children from as young as the age of 5 years old using online and face to face programs, games and competitions.

What Is FutureProof SA?

 The FutureProof curriculum comprises 10 Levels which are all designed to teach different facets of entrepreneurship.  The skills are re-enforced by activities that are to be submitted on the completion of each quest within the individual levels but there is no restriction on the time by which each level needs to be completed. We encourage children to learn and progress as they feel comfortable and as their appetite for entrepreneurial education grows. There is a team of active entrepreneur coaches that are available to any learners who have questions as they make their way through the curriculum for online coaching sessions.

Popular Features

 The online platform gives children the gamified learning experience where they are able to create and modify their own superhero avatar.

As children learn they unlock the features that allow them to customize their avatar. A key feature is the ability for kids to book online coaching sessions with active entrepreneurs.

Children can progress through the levels and quests at their own pace and additional rewards are gained through completing the activities and getting feedback from the coaches.

Topics Covered

  • Value

  • Currency

  • Creating Business Opportunities finding customers

  • Making Profit

  • Developing a pitch

  • Understanding investment and funding

  • Stages of business and entrepreneurial thinking and leadership.


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