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About our Partner

Places of work are quickly changing, and your skillset needs to keep up if you’ve got plans to get to the top. By partnering with world-class universities such as the University of Oxford, Yale University and The University of Cape Town (to name just a few), thousands of students from across the globe have access to educational opportunities which were once out of reach for many. Thanks to one smart cookie – GetSmarter. All the short courses offered on GetSmarter are data-driven on skills gain, so the professionals taking them can have the best learning experience and become equipped to thrive in the future of work. Learning is a lifelong process, so why not walk the journey with a partner whose courses are tailored to the latest skills needed to prepare for the future.

Topics Covered

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Business management and strategy

  • Data science and analyses

  • Design and creative

  • Digital transformation and disruptive technology

  • Finance and investment

  • Fintech and blockchain

  • Health sciences and wellness

  • Human resource management

  • Information Technology and cybersecurity,

  • Law and compliance

  • Leadership and interpersonal skills,

  • Marketing, operations and supply chain management,

  • Politics and economics,

  • Project management

  • Real estate, and sales

Accredited Institute



Certificate of Completion

Yes. Some courses are endorsed by certain professional bodies and/or may contribute towards one’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, Continuing Education Units (CEU), Professional Development Units (PDU), or other similar learning units.

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R12 000 - R60 000

Why we’re High Fiving GetSmarter

For some extra juice in the creds, the courses are presented by various international universities in collaboration with GetSmarter and are approved by those universities that are internationally recognised. We also really enjoy that the courses are broken into modules each week, which makes them easy and digestible for everyone. There are discussion forums available too - so there’s always an opportunity to interact with your peers and other like-minded workabees if you are working online. Get ready to get smarter, wiser and more equipped to tackle the changing world, one smart course at a time. 

Bonus Kudos

GetSmarter is created by the people for the people - so it’s optimised to fit your lifestyle and pace of learning. Hello side hustle, cross fit, school drop-offs and Macrame, even! PLUS each student is assigned a Success Adviser and is offered 24/7 assistance, which has resulted in a 95% satisfaction rating. Now that’s the level of support we’re backing!



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