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Creative Skills

Develop your perceptive skills along with conceptual creativity.

Free Introductory Class

Learn to draw, paint and sculpt what you see realistically based on ideas that are derived from your experience, beliefs and subconscious. 

What Is Imaginarium: The Studio?

Imaginarium: The Studio encourages playful exploration along with research and sensitivity to context. You will start practicing the art practice of a professional artist and be creating new bodies of work every month along with workbooks. Imaginarium gives guidance and constant feedback on your work so that you can grow and develop.

Some of Alvira and Allouette’s Work

Topics Covered

  • Pre-instruction drawings

  • Mental shift exercises

  • Basic shapes and complementary colours

  • Object study

  • Line drawing

  • Shadow drawing

  • Negative space drawing

  • Emotions Discovering the subconscious with collage Mark making Colour

  • Introduction to art practice themes


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