1 Month Subscription to Kidloland. Coming Soon. 

Nursery Rhymes and Educational App 
for Babies & Kids.

400+ Nursery Rhymes and Learning Songs for Toddlers 

Ideal for toddlers. Unlike videos, KidloLand Nursery Rhymes are interactive. Thousands of surprises come alive by tapping on screen.

Educational App for Kids 

A complete Phonics section with songs and activities to help kids take their first steps towards reading.

Learning Games for Children 

Games which kids will love playing. They will learn a lot without realizing that they have been learning while playing games.

Toddlers Games And Activities

Watch your little genius complete all the exciting activities such as Puzzles, Join the Dots, Matching the Shadows, Sorting as well as Dressing, Popping Balloons, Cleaning activities and more!


Sorting activities create a strong foundation of math for early learners. Develop thinking skills through sorting games.

Surprise Eggs 

Who doesn't love surprises? Little ones can enjoy tapping on the eggs on screen and watch surprises come alive.


Babies and toddlers will enjoy the variety of fun balloon popping activities in KidloLand.


Animals Sounds

Kids love animals and animal sounds. KidloLand has a complete collection of original songs, one each for every animal. Watch your kids squeal with delight when they play and learn with the animal on screen.Funny animations and sounds make each experience a special one for little kids.

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