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Give your child the edge


Young minds can sign up to any or all of our kids platforms for free

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For you, for your business and for your children

Further your career

Unlimit yourself

Earn a certificate or a diploma 

From a leading university

Education is for everyone

​That's what we believe. We Grow SA is a technology-first team of believers. We believe in unlimited access to education and technology. We believe in sharing, learning, and relationship building. We believe in South Africa and its nation of dreamers, do-ers, achievers, and self-starters. 

We believe in our partners


Through reputable partner relationships that span over 20 years, We Grow SA is proud to be your virtual campus for discounted online short courses. We continue our mission as a fully-fledged social enterprise that affords customers e-learning vouchers through our partner bundle deal channels. 

Our mission is to partner with the right brands, to provide technology and education to South Africans. 

We believe in you

We believe in you and your dreams of a bigger, bolder life. Our business is built around your needs, and the greatness you seek for yourself, and for your family. Because knowledge doesn't belong to one home, hand or creed. It's meant to be accessible, transferable and transformational.


This is our promise. 


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