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Available on demand, whenever and however you wish to watch it, Masterclass offers an immersive online experience and gives every subscriber access to over 100 classes, taught by the best of the best. And by the best we mean the best. From Alicia Keys on Singing to Yotam Ottolenghi on Cooking; Natalie Portman on Acting and Timbaland on Producing chart-topping hits — via Masterclass, you have 24-7 access to the world’s most incredible minds in your home, even from your phone. Masterclass also serves up over 100 classes, and adds fresh ones to your subscription every single month.

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Creative, Business, Real World

Topics Covered

  • Arts and entertainment 

  • Home and Lifestyle 

  • Writing  

  • Business  

  • Food 

  • Music 

  • Design and Style 

  • Sports and Gaming  

  • Wellness

  • Community and Government 

  • Science and Tech

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Why we’re High Fiving Masterclass

There are two things we absolutely love about MasterClass: Firstly, it fuels and sets fire to your dreams — encouraging you to run with them and (cue Nike) “just do it”! Whether you're watching a class on your phone while waiting to pick up your kid from school, to taking notes from the comfort of your bedroom, this platform inspires you to step outside of the usual and to pick up the pen, the wooden spoon, the paintbrush or the guitar, and start to master it. The second thing we love is how they so masterfully go about doing that. Not only has every course been curated by world-class instructors but, it’s Hollywood quality at its finest. 

Bonus Kudos

Akin to a Hollywood-produced movie, the quality of Masterclass is unparalleled. From the fine-tuned production to the sets, the sound, the lighting, the music, each class is pure binge worthy vibes and makes you feel up-close, personal and extremely privileged to meet, and learn from, the minds of celebs we admire and adore.



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