Free Access to MoneyHelp

Usually R59 per month but for WGSA community access is FREE!

Learning about money should be simple.

How the MoneyHelp app

can help you

The MoneyHelp app is intended to provide you, your employees, or your customers with information on how to manage financial well-being.

Our aim is to provide guidance on how to begin budgeting, saving and planning for increased financial stability.

By providing insight into debt management and financial stress management, the intention is to help our users regain control of their finances, through increased awareness and practical skills.

The primary focus is to empower our users in their personal financial capacity, as well as to provide those with their own small businesses with some basic business finance and business management insights.


Why you will love the MoneyHelp App

Take control of your financial health and well-being.



We have kept this simple. No confusing financial words and formulas.



Each module is focused on a specific task, activity or topic, so that it’s easy to find and learn just what you need.



Ideas, tips and tools are all practical and applicable – you don’t need a finance degree to understand how to use them in your everyday life.



This is learning on the go – modules can be completed in 8 – 15 minutes. 

Money can be stressful

Let us help you overcome some of this stress, by giving you access to bite-size bits of information that you can use to start changing your financial situation and giving you back control of your money.

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