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About our Partner

We’re starting to see the words ‘education’ and ‘technology’ in tandem more than ever before because – truth bomb - we’re living in a digital world and there is just no room for the traditional classroom anymore. Founded by Claudia and Ryan Swartzberg, two individuals with actuarial and data science backgrounds, MyTopDog combines insights from professionals in education and technology – making it the world-class online education platform it is today! Custom-made, personalised and multi-sensory equals the full learning experience you’ll get with this crowd. The teaching process pays attention to each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, understanding them through tests, assessments, and mock exams which the learner can take at their own pace. This helps to streamline the areas of focus for the learner, making subject choice a breeze and learning, well, just lovely.

Subjects Covered

  • Mathematics,

  • Natural Sciences

  • English Home Language

  • English First Additional Language

  • Social Sciences



CAPS, NSC & IEB Aligned

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R60 – R100 per subject/ grade

Age Group

Grade 4 to Grade 12

Why we’re High Fiving MyTopDog

Learners are really getting the best of the best in terms of educational support because only the best of the best, handpicked teachers and educational psychologists worked on designing learning material that includes instruction and practice. By using cognitive psychology, the learning theory and neuroscience (big, important words coming through) MyTopDog has improved retention and enhanced understanding with personalised and interactive content. Even though the team has grown, rest assured they’re still small enough to care about each and every student and make brighter futures one child at a time.

Bonus Kudos

MyTopDog understands that no two learners are the same. That's why no two learners will see the same course material – imagine that! Courses are modified in real-time, depending on performance and individual learning style. We think that’s cooler than peanut butter and jam on toast!




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