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Customised Learning
Support for Grades 4 to 12 

Twelve Month Subscription to MyTopDog

MyTopDog combines education and technology to make learning awesome!

What Is MyTopDog?

MyTopDog provides personalised and powerful learning experiences for learners in grade 4 to 12.

The learning content has been designed to supplement and support all major subjects in the public and private school curricula (CAPS, NSC & IEB).

It gives access to a variety of multi-sensory online lessons, interactive assessments and practice mock exams.

Most Popular Subjects


From grades 4 to 12

Natural Sciences

From grades 4 to 12


From grades 10 to 12

Subject Offered

  • Mathematics

  • English Home Language 

  • English First Additional Language 

  • History 

  • Afrikaans First Additional Language

  • Natural Sciences 

  • EMS 

  • Life Sciences 

  • Chemistry 

  • Physics 

  • Accounting


Study Plans

MyTopDog personalises your studying experience based on the unique learning process of each student depending on how the student learns as well as the learners areas of strength and weakness.


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