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This edu-tech platform is dedicated to empowering people with the tools and knowledge needed for managing work-life and career development, because living your best work-life is something that you have to learn how to master. MyWorkLife is an educational app that teaches practical and applicable tools in ethics, agility, emotional intelligence, job interviews, compliance, leadership and communication. The app teaches lessons through “micro-learning” techniques- small, regular bites of information that make learning easy and more memorable.  

Topics Covered

  • Leading teams 

  • Leading organisations

  • Conducting job interviews 

  • Emotional intelligence 

  • Work ethic  

  • Compliance

Accredited Institute



Certificate of Completion


Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R65 per month

Why we’re High Fiving MyWorkLife

This platform is super simple and user-friendly! Each module focuses on just one topic, and the information is short and targeted, which means staying clear and grasping concepts is a breeze! The app is designed for learning-on-the go, which is a brilliantly innovative way to integrate education with life, and work!

Bonus Kudos

MyWorkLife is a smart app-based learning platform that fits in with your lifestyle and brings you lessons in 8-minute bite-sized videos. This means you can learn on the go, in the uber, at your desk or just before bed. Perfection!



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