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About our Partner

It’s time to relook how you respond to health and wellness at home. OurHealth gives you access to bite-size bits of information that will help you understand what emotional or physical aspects could be affecting you or your family members. You’ll be equipped with a wealth of knowledge on how to recognise signs and symptoms of common ailments and diseases, what to do in various types of emergencies and how to maintain a healthy mind and body so you’re empowered to take the necessary steps when needed. From speaking to your adolescent child about the birds and the bees to identifying the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, you’ll be equipped to tackle each one using the knowledge, ideas, tips and tools provided in the short courses. A healthier lifestyle is calling, and it’s time you answered!

Topics Covered

  • Home first aid kit 

  • Medicine cabinet cleanout 

  • HIV & AIDS 

  • Common health conditions 

  • Pregnancy


Accredited Institute



Certificate of Completion


Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R59 per month

Why we’re High Fiving OurHealth

Each course is short and designed for micro-learning, so modules can be completed within 8 - 15 mins with a focus on a specific topic. You’ll be pleased to know that there are no confusing medical words and that you don’t need to have attended med school for 7 years to fully enjoy and benefit from the content of this platform. A total relief, we know.  Everything is practical and applicable to daily life and is accessible to everyone at home – Dad, Mom, the kids, the au pair and your support staff.

Bonus Kudos

We love that from just R59 per month, you’ll learn about vaccinations, infant care, childhood development, caring for your adolescent and the elderly amongst many other topics. You’ll get a full spectrum of all things health-related for less than a meal out – now that’s something to shout about!



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