Instant Access to An Extra Teacher. Any Time. Any Place.

Six Month Subscription to Paper Video

What Is Paper Video?

Paper Video offers online and offline exam papers and lessons with step-by-step videos for each question and concept. These resources cover grades 8 – 12 Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences & Accounting. 

The offline packages consist of a book and microSD card containing a selection of resources for selected grades and subjects. Online access offers a greater selection of resources with an easy-to-use dashboard to help you find the exact lessons and revision questions that you need. 

Engaging Teachers to Keep You Motivated

Paper Video works with the best teachers in South Africa to bring you engaging video lessons for every topic and question that you need to work through in order to master the toughest subjects. 

How It Works

Stuck On A Question?

We know how frustrating it is when you try to solve a question over and over but just can't get the correct answer.

Scan Its QR Code


Every question and concept in our resources is accompanied by a QR code that links directly to a video lesson.

Watch The Video Lesson

You can watch our videos from your phone or computer. It's like having your own extra teacher available 24/7.

Dominate Your Exams

This means you can now get the help you need, when you need it. Our resources will give you the power to dominate your exams!

Anywhere, Anytime

Our resources are designed to be the most accessible in South Africa. Whether you don't have internet or data, or if the power goes out unexpectedly, our offline resources will have your back. 


Our videos can be viewed from your profile on our website, once you have logged in and activated your resources.


Easily stream our videos from your Android device or Windows computer using our app.

Micro SD Cards

All of our videos are available on micro SD cards, providing offline access when used with our app. (Available for Android devices & Windows computers).

Paper Video Hubs

Install a Paper Video Hub in your school and allow students to watch our videos offline via our app.

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