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Dress For Success – Let your appearance speak for itself

The way you dress for an interview plays an important role in your ability to land that job you’ve been gunning for. So, if you’re trying to impress a future employer, it’s important to show up and dress the part. First impressions matter and your appearance will contribute to solidify your capabilities of fitting into the work environment of the company.

In 2006, a Princeton University study suggested that our brains can decide whether a person is trustworthy within a tenth of a second. Meaning what you wear, how you communicate, and your body language can all impact the image others have of you – within seconds of meeting you! It’s up to you to be mindful of this and present a positive representation of yourself if you want your professional career to soar.

How to create your professional personal brand

Anna Jones, co-founder of networking club AllBright said, “Your personal brand is your business armour — it’s how you get recognised and remembered. It is shorthand for everything you stand for.” And your dress code is where it starts as this outward appearance contributes to how you want to position yourself as someone credible and professional – the perfect candidate for the job.

Why it’s important to dress the part

When you dress professionally, you’re sending the message that you’re serious about the work you do. It also shows the time and effort you spend on your appearance, which speaks to the fact that you care about representing yourself well at work and also helps others see you as someone they should respect and take into consideration.

Preparing for the BIG interview

While you’re crafting your perfect answers for the interview questions you’re going to be bombarded with, it’s important that you also keep the following in mind. Whether your interview is online or in person, these top tips will get you closer to getting your dream job.

  • Dress for success - even if your interview is online, it’s essential that you get prepared from top to bottom. Yes, that means ditching the sweatpants or PJs for something to match your upper appearance.

  • Get an early start - You may be tempted to wake up a few minutes before your online interview starts because you don’t have to sit in traffic. Giving yourself an hour to get yourself prepared and settled will make a world of a difference when you’re on the call.

  • Create a suitable space - There’s nothing worse than having to apologise for background noise or shoddy internet connection during an interview. Make sure you’re in a space where you won’t have to worry about this, so you can just concentrate on the interview at hand.

  • Google Maps is your friend - If you do get the opportunity to do your interview in person, plan your route the night before and make sure you leave the house early to avoid traffic. Being late isn’t a first impression you want to make.

Once you land the job (because we’re sure you will) you should remember that different workplaces have different formalities, so it’ll be up to you to review the company handbook to learn about the specific policies when it comes to dress code.

It’s refreshing that today’s more casual and creative business world, a traditional suit and tie, or high-heels and a skirt is no longer the standard for interview uniform. But according to author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch, “that doesn’t mean you can take a relaxed approach to your interview wardrobe. The burden is on you to pick appropriate attire for wherever your job search takes you.”

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