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Get Clear this Year: 3 Simple Steps

“Clarity equals success,” it’s as simple as that. Getting there might be a little more complicated, though. There are a lot of success theories around the importance of clarity that can be found in books like Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

The thing is, we’re so used to existing inside external distraction that we often don’t even realise when a cloud of confusion smacks us in the brain cells.

According to coach Ellen Schinke, here are some tell-tale signs right now, of an unfocussed mind:

  • Changing your mind a lot

  • Constantly questioning yourself

  • Overwhelmed by too much going on

  • Struggling with small decisions

  • Disorganised and distracted

  • Anxious, stressed and frustrated

Sound familiar? Sorting through the confusion is the first step to overcoming the fuzz. And it’s doable – with some practical tools. Check out these 3 simple steps we’ve put together for you - To help you get clear, stay clear and eliminate anything holding you back from living your life on purpose.

CLARITY HACK 1: Self-Reflection

When we find ourselves in any state of overwhelm or indecision, this is the time to ask questions. Asking ourselves questions from a place of humility and answering them with raw honesty will help us get to the root cause of any negativity. Self-reflection through journaling, meditating or working with a coach is the foundation for eliminating anything clouding your judgement and the first step towards cultivating clarity.

CLARITY HACK 2: Creating Space

We live in a next-level distracting world, with ideas coming at us from every angle in the media, workplace and social groups. Think of yourself as a storage room. You can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually filled with all kinds of clutter in the form of old beliefs, other peoples’ ideas, news, grudges and personal judgements. In her TEDx talk, Kerry Thomas says that “Clutter is anything that keeps you from living the life you were meant to lead.” It’s anything that stops you from accomplishing your work and enjoying your life.” If we’re actually going to access our clarity, we’ve got to let go of everything from guilt to that vase you don’t love. Every single outdated or negative thing you’re holding on to is just one more thing in the way of something new and better. Delete immediately!

CLARITY HACK 3: Make a decision already

Decisions are hard, we know. But if we don’t make them, we add to the slush pile. A postposed decision may look like “Am I going to put these clothes in storage and rotate by season to create more space in my closet?” OR “am I going to give them to a charity in need?” Small decisions can take up lot of your mental bandwidth. Thomas again in her talk references business coach Barbara Hemphill’s universal truth and trademarked phrase “Clutter is no more than postponed decisions.”

Cultivating clarity means directing energy like a beam of light, and nothing is more direct than a decision. Force yourself to make it – until it becomes a habit. It doesn’t matter how the decision turns out, just making it creates momentum and growth.

We are lucky to have access to tons of content on how to cultivate clarity around here – and now you do too - from goal setting (check out this course) to the self-reflection and elimination process.

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Clarity simply takes upkeep; so, find those healthy habits that help you stay clear on a daily and yearly basis. Use our library of online courses at your disposal to help!

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