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Improve Performance with a Love Boost

You know when you’re in love and everything in life suddenly seems lighter, easier? Everything’s got this golden glow and suddenly it all improves- you get better at your job, things that annoyed you suddenly become endearing…

What’s happening here is that you’re perceiving things differently. The feeling is fuelling your mindset. Famed psychiatrist Dr David R Hawkins argues that it’s even less to do with the feeling, and all about the mind. “Love is misunderstood to be an emotion,” he says, “actually, it is a state of awareness.”

This means that we can choose to shift into this mindset whenever we like in order to reap the benefits. Not only does this state of awareness improve the way you see things, it also has actual health benefits on your body that can improve your performance!

Single peeps, not to worry! We’re not talking about romantic love here (although that totally counts too), but the loving feels you need to spike your performance can come from friends, family, pets, meditation and investing in some self-love like taking an online course!

So what exactly is a love mindset?

Basically it’s a super-charged positive mindset. It’s so focused on all the good, that nothing bothers it- we either don’t even notice negative things, or we’re completely unbothered by them. This makes you unstoppable: you’re free to charge forward towards your goals and take on life’s challenges with ease.

Sounds Great! But it Ain’t that easy to be positive all the time. Sure it’s not easy- but it’s possible and actually just takes a little training! It’s called perspective shifting. Simply looking at something from a different perspective can change the entire way you feel. Simply take a situation and apply the “love lens” - write down how you are currently viewing it, and then write down how you might see things if you were looking from a more loving perspective.

The Health benefits

Did you know there’s tons of amazing research on how the feeling (or mindset) of love benefits your entire body? Cardiologist Dr Christopher Suhar has explained that feeling love has impressive benefits on your cardiovascular system. He says that this state of awareness causes calmness and peace which results in lower blood pressure. Not to mention, in a set of studies published by Human Communication, research revealed that people who spent 20 minutes writing letters about their affection for loved ones (friends/ relative/ partner) actually experienced drops in their cholesterol compared to another group who wrote about random topics.

Fuel for Performance

Look on it as fuel for performance! If we make it a part of our self-care routine to fill up on feelings of love, we’ll have more capacity for a positive mindset, and a more peaceful nervous system. When we’re in this state, it’s easier to perform and focus better in other areas of our lives such as work and study.

Up your love dose by:

  • Writing a love letter (you don’t even have to give it to the person)

  • Playing with your pet

  • Spending quality time with loved ones

  • Practicing a loving-kindness meditation

  • Enjoying motivational content (like a mindset or life-design course)

So remember- love isn’t just a social thing- it’s an actual performance booster that you can use to the advantage of your self-development! Our course library is stacked with motivating, game-changing content that’ll boost that mindset to the love level.

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