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Mental Wellness – Giving You Hope to Cope!

You wouldn’t skip an important doctor’s appointment, so it’s time to take the first step towards taking care of your mental health, too. Mental Wellness is a pretty big deal and there’s a reason for that: it’s a muscle just like any other in your body, so why would you slack on your mental weights?

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and we want to take the time to help you have a healthier mindset. Chill with us this #Growtober and learn how to take control of your own mental health and get back to yourself. If yesterday was leg-day, we’ve got you covered for mental-day!

There are lots of different methods and techniques when it comes to mental health and we couldn’t possibly list them all, so we’ve rounded up three essential proven facts on how to reach mental wellness, find peace and tranquility and eliminate overwhelming stressors in your life!

1. Grounding

Ever find yourself thinking too hard about the future or getting lost in the past? It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s super important to ground yourself in the moment you’re living in right now. As Jason Mraz’s beautiful lyrics tell us, living in the moment is “easy and breezy”! So, if you catch yourself stuck in a stressful memory or thought:

  • Take a deep breath and remind yourself of who you are at this exact moment.

  • Focus deeply on your five senses, concentrating on what you’re experiencing for each individual one. For example, name five things you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

  • Slap on an instrumental version of your favourite song and focus on each of the different sounds.

  • Head outside and do some basic garden work – kneeling in the ground and natural soil is actually a pretty good grounding method!

There are many other exercises you can try, but these work well for us! Grounding has been proven to contribute to a peaceful night’s rest and reduce stress overall.

2. Meditation

While it’s important to ground yourself and meditate regularly, meditating during a moment of extreme stress is surprisingly very effective and essential in achieving mental wellness. Tranquility can be achieved in just a few short minutes of mindfulness and meditation, and it’s pretty easy!

There are different methods of meditation, so just pick the one that feels right to you!

  • Mindfulness meditation. This is simply sitting down in a quiet area and focusing on yourself and your thoughts, allowing them to come and go.

  • Mantra meditation. If there’s a word or phrase that calms you down and relaxes your body, repeat it to yourself in a peaceful environment. This one is especially helpful during high-stress situations.

  • Yoga. This involves moving through a series of body poses that forces your mind to concentrate on your breathing and balance.

Not only does meditation help with mental wellness, but it can help you in handling some medical conditions as well!

3. Sleep and eat

Ah, now we’re really going into the basics! But you need your foundation to build a solid tower, and the power of sleeping and eating in the right way is really underestimated. I know we like to stay up late and wake up early - such is the “grind” culture - but you can’t grind if your mind isn’t functioning properly. Getting at least eight hours of sleep at night will improve your memory and allow your brain to process emotional information. As for meals – make sure that you have a balanced diet and nutritional meals! You’d be surprised how adding more fruit and veggies to your diet will help you feel better!

Drop some of your favourite mental health tips in the comments below!

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