Coding That Just Fits


Transition from block-based coding to Python with guided lessons and open-ended activities.

Six Month Subscription to Python in Pieces.

What Is Python In Pieces?

Python in Pieces is an interactive coding environment, designed to build student and teacher confidence in the text-based coding language of Python.


With the ability to easily translate from block-code to Python, in BOTH directions, students will quickly become empowered. The guided lessons allow students to manage their own learning and teacher solution guides enable teachers to support student learning at every step.

How Python In Pieces Fits With Your Teaching

Designed by teachers to empower the specialist and non-specialist to teach with confidence. Enabling students to transition from block-based code to text-based code, whilst encouraging creativity.

Designed around the curriculum

All 18 lessons have been designed for classroom delivery and to support home learning.

Guided lesson activities

Explainer videos, task lists, hints and teacher solution guides are available for every lesson.

Clear progression

Teachers can review whole class and individual performance. Whilst students can monitor their own progression.

What Can You Expect?

  • Ability to flip between block-based coding and Python in both directions allowing students to explore, test and understand their code.

  • Step-by-step lessons with instructional videos.

  • Free-code areas to test your knowledge and unleash their creativity.

  • Compatibility with Micro:bit.

  • Ability to create visually rich programs and games with sprites and background images.

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