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So you’re very serious about being the best in biz and you’re on track to get to the top — fast. This is a ‘Section’ you don’t want to skip. Akin to a sharp, online, fast-track (think of it as taking the elevator rather than the stairs) to levelling up to your best career performance, Section 4 provides intensive, real-world and immediately applicable online learning experiences taught by the best of the best. We’re talking Ivy League professors at the top of their game teaching the topics that actually matter in the school and business of life. Whether it’s strategy, innovation, product, data analysis or customer experience, there’s a sprint for you. Participate as a team or a solo rodeo cowboy/cowgirl, the choice is yours. 

Age Group

20 years +


Real world, job-relevant online learning

Topics Covered

  • Strategy 

  • Product Management 

  • Innovation 

  • Brand 

  • Consumer experience

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R10 600

Why we’re High Fiving Section 4

With a big emphasis on networking and community, Section 4 embraces learning with cross-industry teams. This means, you get to meet and learn from like-minded leaders in similar roles facing similar challenges in over 60+ countries. Seriously interesting? You bet.  And another thing, they make elite business education accessible for all! No matter where you live, what you do or who you know – you get to go up close and personal with top-tier lecturers who know a thing about a thing. They tackle real, hyper-relevant, meaty topics and condense it into 2-3 week courses (or sprints) that are literally jammed with theory, discussion forums, lectures, a final project and IRL leanings that you can apply to your career and your business.

Bonus Kudos

Scott Galloway is the genius behind Section 4 and teaches you all about Stategy and Brand sprints. Can we just stop right there !? If that weren’t enough of a cherry, you also get a LinkedIn Badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile too! Sweet!


Section 4


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