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Unlock the world of maths and physical science. Come join us.


About our Partner

This edu-tech learning platform has one mission: to make maths and science simple to learn, access and apply. Siyavula is a volunteer accelerated fellowship project (est 2007) within the Shuttleworth Foundation, that provides openly licensed content for all grades and subjects in South Africa. With Siyavula’s more-than-cool open builder technology, the founding team set out to enable immersive engagement and high-quality learning experiences which are unique and feel personal, efficient and unintimidating. Siyavula encourages mind improvement - so the better you become at maths and science, the more you’ll be challenged. All you’ll need is internet connection to access this unlimited platform. 

Subjects Covered

  • Maths 

  • Natural Science 

  • CAT 

  • IT



CAPS and IEB Aligned

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R299 - R999 per month 

Age Group

Grade 4 to Grade 12

Why we’re High Fiving Siyavula

Access Access Access! Imagine being in a virtual class that ditches the old 

multiple-choice worksheet vibe for unlimited open resources that lets you ask questions on the go, and have solutions returned almost immediately? Siyavula is making that possible one lesson at a time. With their smart builder technology system, more complex questions can be put forward with true to purpose responses that actually help you (really help you!) and not mislead you. Be it fractions, formulas, spectroscopic notations or chemical equations – Siyavula does it right.  


We believe that everyone deserves great maths and science teachers. Maths and science learning should be accessible and affordable for everyone – and that’s why Siyavula comes up tops. Anyone can sign up for a free trial, and there are multiple free textbooks and resources readily available on the website. Why should exam season always come with the stress of feeling unprepared. Now you can master maths and physical science with online classes and resources that will support you for the real exam. Nice, right!

Bonus Kudos

To sweeten the deal, if you’re on the Vodacom or MTN network you won’t be charged for data. So whether you’re just looking to practice your mid-year curriculum, or have a big exam coming up that you need to prepare for (deep breaths!), Siyavula is ready to get you prepared and learning!



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