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Snapplify is the sustainable solution to text-based learning materials! Gone are the days of lugging around heavy books, forgetting books and trekking all over the place to buy books. Snapplify is your one-stop-shop for textbooks, teaching resources and past exam papers in electronic format. Snapplify makes purchasing textbooks simple, instant and environmentally friendly. This is a future-forward, innovative platform making waves in the world of digital learning across Africa with their world-class tools. 

Why we’re High Fiving Snapplify

We LOVE learning resources, and we especially love platforms that make accessing them easy, not to mention sustainable. Snapplify is an innovative, user-friendly and earth-friendly solution that’s making the world of textbooks hassle-free and fun. 

Bonus Kudos

Snapplify also provides schools, businesses and governments with digital learning tools in the form of devices and software. They rock!



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