Your First Three Months On Us.

The Trainiac Micro-Learning Academy

We often face the challenge of needing to know something about a whole lot of subjects but don’t always have the time to read the whole book on ‘how to do this’ or ‘what is’? The Trainiac Micro-learning academy offers micro- modules on a range of topics designed to be engaging, informative and best of all, short (about 8 minutes).  

The topics range from learning that much more about buzz concepts like “Agile” through to some hot tips on how to manage difficult conversations, business writing or how to motivate your team!  

The list of topics is updated frequently enough for you to keep finding compelling subjects of interest that will improve your knowledge and (hopefully) satisfy your curiosity.  

A Significant Gap

Every organisation has gaps.

These gaps are often what is standing in the way of the organisation achieving its goals. We hunt these gaps down and close them with understanding. Closing these gaps will deliver a change to the performance of your people. We call this Gapenomics. We will shift behaviour in order to shift your bottom line.

How Do We Do It?

We take all the raw content you have. Be it PowerPoint, Word, a technical document or even the pile of papers from Gary’s desk (we have seen it all). We absorb and consolidate the disparate information into one place. Look for holes and then we go out and fill them.

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