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The Trainiac Micro-Learning Academy

We often face the challenge of needing to know something about a whole lot of subjects but don’t always have the time to read the whole book on ‘how to do this’ or ‘what is’? The Trainiac Micro-learning academy offers micro- modules on a range of topics designed to be engaging, informative and best of all, short (about 8 minutes).  


The topics range from learning that much more about buzz concepts like “Agile” through to some hot tips on how to manage difficult conversations, business writing or how to motivate your team!  


The list of topics is updated frequently enough for you to keep finding compelling subjects of interest that will improve your knowledge and (hopefully) satisfy your curiosity. 

Why you will love the Trainiac Micro-learning Academy

Use your downtime to learn something new!

Simple, easy to follow content

We have written each module to give you a good sense of

what the topic entails. Easy to understand with activities to keep you engaged.

Variety of topics

There are many topics to choose from. Whether you’re looking to improve a particular skillset or are just curious to know more about a subject you’ve heard of.

Practical and applicable

Ideas, tips and tools are all practical and applicable. 

Over and above learning more about each topic, there are examples, activities and sometimes even templates.

Short and targeted micro-learning

This is learning on the go - modules can be completed in 8-15 minutes.

Some of the topics covered


Business Writing


Effective Communication


Financial Literacy


Managing Stress

Occupational Health and Safety

Project Management

Team Building

Bouncing back from retrenchment

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