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About our Partner

With over 40 million learners on their platform, 70 000 instructors and over 155 000 courses to choose from – Udemy is the world’s leading online learning platform for skills transfer and instruction. Udemy is committed to transforming lives with short, accessible online courses that matter – really matter: like personal development courses and life skill courses – including those always-wanted-to-but-never-tried courses like “How to be a stand-up comedian” – paralleled with more serious courses like business and administration. Udemy is a world class favourite with individuals eager to level up their everyday game, and their career acumen. 

Topics Covered

  • Business

  • Finance and accounting

  • IT & Software

  • Office productivity

  • Personal development

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Lifestyle

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Health & Fitness

  • Music

  • Teaching & Academics

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Certificate of Completion


Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R145 - R450

Why we’re High Fiving Udemy

Udemy connects millions of students to the right instructors and skills they need to succeed. People from around the world are now reaching their goals and pursuing their dreams in ways they never thought they could – thanks to this big guy! Ranging from design, business, music and marketing, this learning platform is the best place to capture some new skills quickly and with down to earth instructors that make the learning simple – and fun. We love fun! What’s awesome about Udemy is that all courses are super cost effective  – roughly R 200 per course on promotion, before applying your We Grow SA voucher – and the content quality is real to life, and practical. You’re learning from trusted experts who do this every day – and you won’t need a college or university affiliation to know how to actually do this stuff. 


Courses are structured in a series of modules and lessons that include videos, text notes and assessment tests, making it easy to digest and process the information. Whether it’s gardening, cooking or installing an engine (yes, even!), there’ll be a course and material for whatever your brain can probably think up, on Udemy.

Bonus Kudos (or Grow points)

This platform offers a Udemy for Business learning option too, where business owners / team leaders can invite more than 5 team members to join a course - for a budget friendly access option. (oh, and also, you get lifetime access to all courses you take!) Yes indeed, these edu-kings are spreading the power of knowledge just the way we like it! 



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