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About our Partner

What started off as a humble, family-owned stationery store in Cape Town back in the day (1949 to be precise), has now evolved into one of South Africa’s greatest and most valued business partners. It’s nearly 70+ years since Mr. Norman Walton himself opened the store’s doors and the growth has been beyond exponential! It’s because Waltons understands that consumer and business needs change over time that they’ve been able to keep offering product ranges that are high-quality and innovative – topped off with the finest customer service in the country. Working with stationery that’s been specially sourced to suit your needs can affect, and even heighten your productivity. What better way to pair up your We Grow SA courses with some V.I.S (very important stationery)?

Product Categories

  • art

  • school supplies

  • books

  • paper products

  • cleaning and hygiene

  • filing accessories

  • office supplies

  • office furniture

  • technology

  • refreshments and snacks

Online delivery wait time


2 - 5 working days

Downloadables for offline reading

Product catalogue PDF available

Average price (before We Grow SA discount)

R195 - R600

Why we’re High Fiving Waltons

We spend a lot of time at our desks, whether it’s for work, school, or creative hobbies. Surely the materials you use should give you the confidence to complete the task you have at hand with ease (without veering off the productivity track) – and that’s how Waltons has smoothly been incorporating themselves into businesses and homes for this many years! We love that their brand story highlights that everyone’s “part of the family”, which not only makes stationery homey, but pretty cool too.

Bonus Kudos

If you’re a business owner, you’ll be happy to know that the Waltons’ website has a snazzy portal for businesses to track bulk orders. You can also create a personal profile if you like and browse around their online kaleidoscope of stationery supplies.



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